Kids are leaping at Froggy Phonics

Leaping from lily pad to lily pad, Froggy uses simple phonics patterns to gulp down fireflies! The more fireflies Froggy collects, the more rewards earned for the Fascinating Firefly Festival! Based on a popular, award-winning Edupress™ board game, Froggy Phonics combines multiple aspects the relationships between letters and their sounds as he hops through delightful outdoor surroundings.

  • Based on an award-winning Edupress™ board game
  • Parent and teacher approved
  • Ranging from age 4 to 8
  • Associates letters and letter groups with their sounds
  • Nearly 900 different words for Froggy to discover
  • Reveal levels and characters through hopping good play
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tic tac banana screens

Swing into the world of Tic-Tac Bananas!

Using letter patterns, decoding skills, and word recognition, players merge with the original Tic-Tac-Toe enjoyment. Players select an entertaining monkey portrait, revealing a partial word for participants to complete. The player marks a spot on the grid with an accurate word match. Tic-Tac-Toe, earn three in a row!

  • Parent and teacher approved Edupress™ content
  • Crafted to improve player literacy
  • Ranging from age 4 to 8
  • Focus on word recognition, phonics and decoding
  • Over 100 original illustrations and words to choose from
  • Single and multiplayer, featuring pass-and-play capabilities
that's baloney! that's baloney screens

Kids are learning when they say, That's Baloney!

Hungry for knowledge? Thatʼs Baloney! is the delicious trivia game that challenges your brain. Devour multiple game modes spanning grades 2 through 6 and five compelling categories – language arts, math, science, social studies, and mystery meat.

Each round players are given statements and they must choose if these statements are true or if theyʼre just a load of Baloney!

“The largest living spider on Earth is the camel spider.”

Thatʼs Baloney! …or is it? You decide!*

Guess correctly and nibble your way closer to a perfect sandwich. Guess wrong and face the dreaded Pickle of Truth! Get enough statements correct and earn Perfect Snack trophies for your awards fridge, but collect enough pickles and your lunch ends early.

Thatʼs Baloney! is based on the bestselling EduPress™ card game by the same name and has been entertaining students, teachers, and parents for years. Hundreds of questions calibrated within common core and state educational standards, presented in a fun and interactive, hand-held experience. Any way you slice it, Thatʼs Baloney! is hours of fun.

*Baloney! The biggest spider is the Goliath bird-eating spider.

  • Nearly 2,500 thought-provoking quiz statements that spark conversations between parents and kids!
  • 5 diverse categories to learn about: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, or Mystery Meat
  • 5 Grade levels to choose from: Grades 2 to 6
  • Parent and teacher approved Edupress™ content
  • Earn trophies by showing off trivia skills
  • Statements are compatible with common core and state educational standards
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