About Evanced Games

We are musicians and artists, authors, and engineers. We are children and parents. We act. We play. We listen. We create. We embrace technology as though our lives depend on it, and in many ways, they do. Now, in addition to being students, we are teachers.

In the spring of 2013, Evanced began employing highly distinguished and decorated teachers who prove kids soar when they use their knowledge to accomplish something they find enjoyable or interesting. Combine these educators in a room with talented young game developers and you get pure magic—art, technology and education combine to delight the senses, challenge the mind and enrich the soul. It may sound like hyperbole, but it’s our belief. It drives us.

Fortunately, we aren’t alone in our vision. Content is everything. In addition to our on-staff teachers, we have an invaluable content provider in Edupress™, another division of our parent company, Demco®. For over 30 years, Edupress™ has been providing teachers with material that ignites learning in the classroom. With Edupress™ content as a pillar in our digital games and apps, we can help teachers and parents extend educational fun and excitement from the classroom to the living room.

Our Foundation in Education

Students today live in a world of quickly advancing technology and immediate information. It takes a lot to hold their attention and teach them in a way that is conducive to their individual learning style. Students thrive when exposed to games and technology, so why not make educational games that they actually want to play. Our relationships with teachers make it possible.

Lindsey Hill

Lindsey Hill, a two time Elementary Teacher of the Year recipient and veteran teacher of 14 years, has joined a collective mission to have a greater impact on an even larger number of children around the world. She joined Evanced Games, a division of Evanced Solutions, as the Reading Engagement Innovator to collaborate with other educators to once again teach the way children want to learn. When she’s not concentrating on reading engagement, she’s discovering this world with her two young boys.

Being a teacher for such a long time has helped Lindsey understand students in a way that many educators strive to. Lindsey had a hard time walking away from her classroom, stating, “I struggled with the decision this summer to, after 14 years, step away from my love of teaching. However, I knew I was joining a mission to impact even more kids with Evanced Games. It’s my very own passion pursuit.”

Ben Bertoli

Ben Bertoli came to work at Evanced Games over the summer so he too would have an interesting answer to “what did you do this summer?” As a dedicated educator and longtime gamer, Mr. Bertoli has worked extensively on bringing meaningful games and forms of gamification into his own classroom. He states, “As an educator and a gamer I know that games and education haven’t always seen eye to eye. Many educators dislike gaming because they feel it takes away from learning, and many gamers find educational games tedious and forgettable. This is where I come in. Evanced Games has brought me in as a bridge between two cultures.”

Bertoli, who currently works as a full time 6th grade teacher, explains that, “Being able to contribute to the world of education by helping the Evanced Games team craft titles that engage students on so many levels is like a dream come true. Helping create these games has been some of the most interesting and meaningful work I’ve put into the world of education. I am completely confident that kids want to learn through games and teachers need to embrace this concept.”