Froggy Phonics Develops Surprising Skills

Lindsey Hill, our lead for reading engagement innovation, recently appeared on Matthew Winner’s “Let’s Get Busy” podcast where the pair discussed Froggy Phonics. Turns out there’s a lot more to the game than simply leaping from lily pad to lily pad, gulping fireflies, and hunting for froggy friends.


Listen to the audio clip below to find out which specific skills Froggy Phonics helps children to develop.


One thought on “Froggy Phonics Develops Surprising Skills

  1. Daniel Warren

    Froggy phonics is such a fun way for kids to learn. Kids love color and pomp and this is a sure way of keeping them glued to their letters. I often find myself engrossed in phonics songs when I am teaching my girl how to read. Go Froggy go!

    Daniel Warren


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